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Tuesday, December 01, 2020
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The following messages were shared at North Addison Baptist Church. If you are interested in hearing any of the following messages, please feel free to contact us. 


09-29-19 "It's Not About the Storm" 
  Acts 27:1-44
09-22-19 "You Can Tell the Gospel Story!" 
  Acts 24:1-35
09-15-19 "Innocent to the Highest Court" 
  Acts 24:1-35
 09-08-19 "Divine Plan, Promise, and Protection" 
  Acts 23:1-35
09-01-19 "Reject False Assumptions to Reveal Truth" 
  Acts 21:27-22:1-30
08-25-19 "Resolved and Resting: Doing God's Will" 
  Acts 21:1-26
  Acts 19:21
  Acts 20:22-24
08-18-19 "Stand Firm, or Stand Down" 
  1 Corinthians 16:13 (Review)
  Hebrews 11:1-40
  Romans 1
  Genesis 4:1-5
  Genesis 5:21-27 
08-11-19 "Do Everything in Love" 
   1 Corinthians 16:13
   Matthew 22:33-40
   Matthew 7:12
   John 13
08-04-19 "Be Strong!" 
   1 Corinthians 16:13
   1 Thessalonians 5:16-22
   Joshua 1:7-9
   Phillipians 2-4
   Romans 13
   1 Corinthians 1:18
07-28-19 "Be Courageous-Face Down Your Fears" 
   1 Corinthians 16:13-14
   Joshua 1:5-9
   Acts 23:11
   Romans 8:35-39
   Isaiah 12:2; 41:10
07-21-19 "VBS Family Celebration!" (no audio)
07-14-19 "Be Alert"
   1 Corinthians 16:13
   1 Corinthians 3-15
   1 Thesselonians 5:1-11
    Luke 12:19,12:35-40
    Luke 21:34-36
   1 John 1:9
07-07-19 "How To Keep Your Church from Dying" - Garry Benfield
    Mark 12:28-34

06-30-19 (No recording available)
06-23-19 (No recording available)
06-16-19 "The Godly Father"
   1 Timothy 3:4-5, 3:12
   Titus 1:6
   Ephesians 6:1-4, 2:10
   Hebrews 10:24-25; 12-11
   Colossians 3:21
   Proverbs 22:6
   Psalms 119; 78:1-8
   Deuteronomy 6:7
06-09-19 "Adventures and Anxieties in Missions"
    Acts 20:1-38
06-02-19 "Is There Fire In Your Faith?"
    Acts 19:20-41
05-26-19 "God's Glory Does Not Fit You"
05-19-19 "Growth Matters"
05-12-19 "Your Plan or God's?"
05-05-19 "The Knowable Unknown God"
      Scripture References:
        Micah 6:6-8
        Isaiah 44:21-22

04-28-19 "What Real Worship Looks Like" (Steve Brewer)


04-21-19 "From Deepest Sorrows to Greatest Joys"


04-14-19 "Celebrations and Sorrows: Facing Hard Days"


04-07-19 "Good News Turns Upside Down to Right Side Up"


03-31-19 "You Cannot Grasp Freedom 'til You've Been Held Captive"


03-24-19 "There Is Power in Sensitivity"


03-17-19 "Growth Comes trough the Battle"


03-10-19 "Do You Want Peace? It's Not Complicated!"


03-03-19 "Conflict May Come, but You Are not Alone"


02-24-19 "Good News Changes People"


02-17-19 "We Believe the Unbelievable"


02-10-19 "When the Holy Spirit Speaks, Please Listen"


02-03-19 "If Jesus Sets You Free, You Are!"


01-27-19 "I Resolve: To Remember Where Home Is"

01-20-19 "To Reach the Highest Standard"

01-13-19 "I Resolve: To Lean into Jesus"

01-06-19 "I Resolve: To Know Christ Above All"


12-30-18 "Barnabas - Big-Hearted Man, Whole-Hearted Church"

12-23-18 "The Savior Has Come! Love Is Here!"

12-16-18 "The Savior Has Come! There Is Joy!" 

12-09-18 "The Savior Has Come! There Is Peace!"

12-02-18 "The Savior Has Come! There Is Hope!" 


11-25-18 "Gentile Advent: A Savior for All"  

11-18-18 "Divine Vision, Infinite View"  

11-11-18 "When God is Present, Great Things Happen"  

11-04-18 "Love God, Love People, Guard Your Heart" (Guest Speaker: Dr. Warren Haynes)  


10-28-18 "An Eye Opening and Life-Changing Experience" 

10-21-18 "We Have Good News for You!" 

10-14-18 "Follow the Holy Spirit and See Lives Transformed" 

10-07-18 "Refine Your Passion? Turn Up the Heat" 


9-30-18 "Can You Handle the Truth?" 

9-23-18 "When Wisdom Promotes Unity, There Is Peace" 

9-16-18 "Still the Messiah After All These Years" 

9-09-18 "What You See Is Not Always What You Get!" 

9-02-18 "Safe and Sound in Pure Fellowship" 


8-26-18 "God Has A Plan For You" - Pastor Myron Person

8-19-18 "Hushing the Unhushable? Impossible!"

8-12-18 "The Glory Is All For Jesus' Name"


7-29-18 "The Difference Believing Makes"

7-15-18 "The First Crusade"

7-08-18 "God Can Turn Your Confusion into Clarity"

7-01-18 "What To Do While You Wait"


6-24-18 "Things are Looking Up"

6-17-18 "You Heard it from Me...Jesus"

6-10-18 "Class of 2018: You Are Not Alone"

6-03-18 "After A Meal With Jesus"


5-27-18 "10 Commandments of Parenting"

5-20-18 "Confronting the Impossible"

5-13-18 "Let there be Praise"

5-06-18 "Following Jesus: Loving the Children"


4-29-18 "Does the Bible Make a Difference"

4-22-18 "The Lambs Are not Meant to be Silent"

4-15-18 "Standouts on the Witness Stand"

4-08-18 "Until Jesus Comes Again"

4-01-18 "Resurrection! Our Core Conviction"


3-25-18 "From Eden to Gethsemane - What's in Your Garden?"

3-25-18 "God Wants You Home" - Jack Swartz

3-18-18 "When the Going Gets Tough...What About You?"

3-11-18 "Jesus, Not Just Another Guy"

3-04-18 "People Love Jesus Because..."


2-25-18 "When the Church is Alive...Things Can Get Messy"

2-18-18 "God's Love Is ... EXTREME"

2-11-18 "Lord, Teach Me to Love My Family"

2-04 18 "The Greatest Thing in All My Life"


1-28-18 "Teach Me To Love"

1-21-18 (pm) "From Murderer to Missionary: A Mission for Every Person" Mike Thibodeaux 

1-21-18 "Uniquely Formed, Fit Together"

1-14-18 "Delight in God's Word"

1-07-18 "Lord, If You Go, I Will Follow"


12-31-17 "Finding Hope For Holding It Together"

12-24-17 "Christmas Eve: The Incarnation"

12-17-17 "Love One Another as I Have Loved You"

12-10-17 "Joy: The Result of Hope Fulfilled"

12-03-17 "There is Hope When You Are Lost"


11-26-17 "...His Faithfulness Endures"

11-19-17 "Today I Give Thanks Because..."

11-12-17 "As for Me and My House"

11-05-17 "What Mountain Will You Conquer?"


10-29-17 "If God is for us, who can be against us?"

10-22-17 "Living with a Target on your Back"

10-15-17 "What's so 'Good' about the Gospel?" - Tom Wade

10-08-17 "How to Get Back Up Again"

10-01-17 "Handling Failure"


09-24-17 "Ain't No Mountain High Enough"

09-17-17 "Can You Really Get There from Here?"

09-10-17 "Aim High: Eyes on Jesus"

09-03-17 "Prepare for the Good Fight: Pray!"


08-27-17 "The Goal of the Bible: To Shine Light!"

08-20-17 "Change Is Good For The Soul"

08-13-17 "Gospel of John"

08-06-17 "Prayers That Make A Difference"


07-30-17 "Expanding Your Spiritual Horizons" Randy Adams, (Executive Director - Northwest Baptist Convention)

07-09-17 "Little Things Really Do Matter"

07-02-17 "What are you doing about your faith?"


06-25-17 "Broken Relationship? Don't Let Go" Guest speaker
06-18-17 "Live Today Like It Matters Forever"
05-28-17 "Doing Life as a Christian: Will You Endure?"
05-21-17 "Where Do You Find Your Hope?" Pastor Jeff Forshee
05-14-17 "God's Goodness and Mercy: Are they following you?" 
05-07-17 "The Bible's Response to the claims of Mormonism" 
                 --The Gospel is Good News Only When it's Reported--
                (Matthew Quigley discusses his recent trip to Utah to witness to Mormons)

04-30-17 "The Love of Jesus is Personal" 

04-23-17 "Emmanuel Makes the Difference" 

04-16-17 "Have You Seen Jesus?" 

04-09-17 "Offered: Crown Of Thorns For Your Glory" 

04-02-17 "Jesus Love You - He Gets You" 


03-26-17 "When Jesus Prays for You, All Heaven Hears" 

03-19-17 "Holy Spirit: A "God With Us" Promise" 

03-12-17 "Washing Feet: Can you follow this example?"

03-05-17 "If You Know Jesus, Your Search Is Over"


02-26-17 "The Tragedy of Lone Ranger Christianity?"

02-19-17 "Want to be Free?"

02-12-17 "Liberty or Legalism"

02-05-17 "The Price Tag of Priceless"


01-29-17 "Hope Inspired by a Promise"

01-22-17 "Jesus - He is Who You are Looking For"

01-15-17 "Keeping the Good News in the Gospel"

01-08-17 "When God Gives, He Pays"

01-01-17 "What Story Do You Love to Tell?"


12-18-16 "Jesus Poured Out His Life for Us" 

12-11-16 "A Joyful Contrast" 


11-27-16 "Ethiopia Report" 

11-20-16 "What Every Church and Believer Needs to Know"

11-13-16 "Living Until He Returns" Brother Larry Harpster

11-06-16 "The Certainty of the Second Coming" Brother Larry Harpster


10-30-16 "Commissioning Service"

10-23-16 "Ordinary Men: Overcoming Human Tendencies"

10-16-16 "Ordinary Men: Judas Iscariot - Hypocrite, Traitor" 

10-09-16 "Ordinary Men: 3 Disciples - 3 Characters"

10-02-16 "Ordinary Men: Nathan"


09-25-16 "Ordinary Men: Andrew"

09-18-16 "Ordinary Men: Perfected By Love"

09-11-16 "Ordinary Men: Made into True Leaders"

09-04-16 "Building Bridges" Guest Missionaries


08-28-16 "What is the Difference?"

08-21-16 "The Impact of a Rebellious Heart"

08-14-16 "Knowing Who To Call"



7-31-16 "Conformity VS Transformation: Part 1 of 2?" (Pastor Tom Wade)



7-17-16 "Will You Give Life?"



7-10-16 "God's Abundant Supply"



7-3-16 "It's all about Trusting the Lord" (Brother Larry Harpster) 






6-25-16 "Stories From Kings: Are You Ready?" 



6-19-16 Sorry, the audio is unavailable for this week



6-12-16 "Rediscovering God's Design" 



6-5-16 "Are You A Straight Shooter?"




5-29-16 "Remembering What Not to Forget"



5-22-16 "Everything Changes, but Nothing is New"  (Pastor Jeff Forshee)



5-15-16 "Marriage: God's Perfect Design, Perfect Model" 



5-8-16 "Knowing That God Is Real" 



5-1-16 "God's Good Design" 




4-24-16 "Prayer That Gets Results"  



4-17-16 "Beware of False Teachers" 



4-10-16 "Do Not Covet"  



4-3-16 "You Shall Not Bear False Witness"



3-27-16 "All In" 

3-20-16 "Anticipation" 

3-13-16 "You Shall Not Steal" 


3-6-16 "You Shall Not Commit Adultery" 





2-28-16 "You Shall Not Commit Murder" 

2-21-16 "Honor Your Father and Mother" 

2-14-16 "What Do You Love?" Pastor Jeff Forshee 


2-7-16 "Remember The Sabbath"





1-31-16 "Who Do You Represent?"



1-24-16 "You Shall Not Make For Yourself An Idol" 



1-17-16 "You Shall Have No Other Gods Before Me" 



1-10-16 "When God Says, "I Am'"



1-3-16 "Fresh Start!"



12-27-15 "Walking Closer to Jesus" Brother Larry Harpster

12-24-15  "Christmas Eve Service" 

12-20-15 "Finding God in the House" 

12-13-15 "Finding God by Looking Up!" 

12-6-15 "Finding God in Our Disappointments" 


11-29-15 "Hope Wanted..... Alive!" 

11-22-15 "Thank you for the Thorns" 

11-15-15  "Principles for Being the Body of Christ" 

11-8-15  Sorry, Audio not available 

11-1-15  "Hope, Comfort, & Anticipation" 


10-25-15  Sorry, Audio not available 

10-18-15 "The Empowered Witness of the Church"  Brother Mike Thibodeaux 

10-11-15  "Purity Renewed: Christian Living in an Immoral World" 

10-4-15 "Have Hope" Pastor Josh Moore 


9-27-15  "Afflictions? ... What to Do" 

9-20-15  "When Truth Convicts" 

9-13-15 "The Marks of a Christian Leader" 

9-6-15 "Thoughts of a Thankful Pastor"


8-30-15 "Jesus is the Lamb"  Pastor Tom Wade 

8-23-15  ”Grace, Peace, & Thanksgiving Too" 

8-16-15  "The Marks of a Leading Church" 

8-9-15 "The Mission of the Church" 

8-2-15 "Being Content"  Pastor Joe Gonzalez


7-26-15 "The Lord is Near" Pastor Joe Gonzalez 

7-19-15 "Keep Pressing!"  Pastor Joe Gonzalez 

7-12-15  "All Our Hope and Confidence"  Brother Larry Harpster   

7-5-15  "Glory in Christ!"   Pastor Joe Gonzalez

6-28-15 "Why Live a Holy Life?"  Pastor Steve Peters
6-21-15 "Being Like Jesus"  Pastor Joe Gonzalez 
6-14-15 "Christ Proclaimed in Word and Deed"  Pastor Joe Gonzalez 
6-7-15 "Blueprint in Action"  Pastor Joe Gonzalez
5-31-15 "Evangelism as a Way of Life" Brother Mike Thibodeaux  
5-24-15 "The Way We Choose to Walk" Brother Larry Harpster
5-17-15 "The Power of God"
5-10-15 "Biblical Womanhood" Pastor Jeff Forshee
5-3-15 "The Bread of Life" Pastor Tom Wade
3-29-15 "The New Covenant" 
3-22-15 "New Covenant Stewardship" 
3-15-15 "Life Giving Stewardship"  
3-8-15 "Jesus, Our Example Always"  Brother Larry Harpster  
3-1-15  "To Be Angry or Not To Be Angry; God Knows the Heart"
2-22-15 "You're Not God; Get Over It"
2-15-15 "You Are Created for Good Works"  Pastor Jeff Forshee 
2-8-15 "His Word, His Message, His Salvation" 
2-1-15 "When Sin and the World Swallow You Whole, Call out to God


1-25-15  "You Can't Outsmart or Outrun God #2" 
1-18-15 "You Can't Outsmart or Outrun God" #1 
1-11-15 - "The Word of God" 
1-4-15     Sorry, Audio Not Available
12-28-14  "God's Timing" 
12-21-14  "The Light is Messiah" 
12-14-14  "Gold, Frankinsence, & Myrrh" 
12-7-14 "Christmas Means ______________"


11-30-14 "An Unwelcome Arrival"

11-23-14 "Being Content" Pastor Jeff Forshee 


11-16-14 "The Patient Farmer"

11-9-14  "Serving God ~ Is It Worth It?"

11-2-14  "Serving With Attitude" 



10-26-14 "In God's Service" 

10-19-14 "Get Back Up!" 

10-12-14 "What's Your Excuse?" 

10-5-14 "The Conflict & The Cure" Brother Larry Harpster


9-28-14 "A Mediocre Christian Life" 

9-21-14 "What Are You Aiming to Do?"    

9-14-14  "Be Holy"    Pastor Jeff Forshee  

9-7-14  "The Cost of the Cross"


8-31-14 "The Word of God" 

8-24-14 "Ministers" 

8-17-14 "Stepping Out For God"  Brother Larry Harpster 

8-10-14 - Psalm 46 Brother Larry Harpster 

8-3-14 "Mission Possible" Pastor Joe Gonzalez


7-27-14 "Are you Praying?"  Pastor Austin Harpster  

7-20-14 "Freedom"  Brother Peter Lowe 

7-13-14 "When God Hits the Reset Button"  Brother Michael Koch 

7-6-14 "God Still Desires a G.R.E.A.T. Nation" Brother Larry Harpster 

6-29-14 "Will You Obey the Lord's Command?"  Brother Larry Harpster

6-15-14 "Act Like a Man"  Pastor Jeff Forshee

 6-1-14 "Living for Jesus" Brother Larry Harpster


5-18-14 "What Is the Purpose of the Church?" Brother Larry Harpster

5-11-14  Sorry, Audio not available

5-4-14 "Is Holiness Your Desire?" Brother Larry Harpster


4-27-14  "Who Is Our Enemy?"  Pastor Jeff Forshee 


4-6, 4-13 & 4-20 ~ Audio not available